The intuitive suite of BuildingOS applications enables a diverse set of teams to drive action from data, guiding them in decisions about building optimization, planning, and tenant engagement.

  • Visibility & Reporting

    By aggregating portfolio-wide data, the powerful reporting engine in BuildingOS ensures that employees across the enterprise can instantly access and share reports, resulting in quick, measurable productivity gains.

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  • Utility Bill Management

    With Utility Bill Management from BuildingOS, automate the collection of utility data directly from the meter, making it easy to analyze bill trends and ensure the accuracy of monthly bills.

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  • Measurement & Verification

    BuildingOS allows teams to quickly and seamlessly understand the return on efficiency investments, arming facilities teams with the data they need to make the case for projects.

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    Budgeting & Planning

    With BuildingOS's portfolio-wide data, finance teams can make stronger, data-driven decisions about short- and long-term capital planning, which enables accurate forecasts across departments.

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  • Building Efficiency

    The Building Efficiency Solution from BuildingOS uses real-time data to identify operational efficiency opportunities are in your buildings and drive action from the data, enabling ongoing savings over the long-term.

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  • Benchmarking

    The BuildingOS solution for Benchmarking simplifies an otherwise complicated and cumbersome process by integrating with Energy Star Portfolio Manager and providing automated two-way reporting.

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  • Occupant Engagement

    BuildingOS’s solutions for Occupant Engagement empower your occupants to become active participants in energy management.

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    Tenant Insights

    The BuildingOS Tenant Insights solution easily and accurately generates tenant-level views of costs and consumption.

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