Better Buildings. Better Business.SM

Organizations use Lucid’s BuildingOS data and analytics platform to optimize the performance of their buildings and teams.

Better buildings mean better business, but they also mean happier people and a healthier planet. By sticking to a strong set of internal values, we are ensuring that Lucid remains a leader not only in building data, but also customer experience, diversity and sustainable practices.

We are change makers.

Our employees work at Lucid because they understand how deeply the built environment affects both our daily lives and the wellbeing of our planet. Buildings consume over 60% of the world's electricity – a problem we are passionately addressing to make Planet Earth a better home for all of us.

Come as you are.

At Lucid, diversity isn’t just a competitive advantage. From disparate data sets, to our global footprint, to each unique employee, it is a concept we celebrate daily. Diversity helps us think bigger and perform better. It keeps things fun. Our team is filled with personalities who question the status quo, stitching together their distinct perspectives to solve one of Earth’s most pressing challenges.

We win when our customers win.

Our customers amaze us every day in their commitment to reducing energy consumption and driving change across their buildings. It’s our job is to help our customers succeed – by delivering great products and even better services. Solving complex challenges requires collaboration, and we are committed to partnering with each of our customers to improve building performance.

Learn. Grow. Repeat.

Innovation emerges from pushing the boundaries, and we encourage our team to take calculated risks and to grow from lessons learned. From people to product to planet, continuous improvement is the name of our game, and we’re better for it.

Care deeply. Speak truthfully.

Sustainable relationships are built on communication, integrity and respect. Data might speak volumes, but above all, we understand that honesty breeds trust.