Success Story

McKesson centralizes utility bill data to find 7% savings across portfolio


McKesson, a Fortune 5 global medical and pharmaceutical company, operates 1200 facilities across 6 different business units that each operate as their own entity. To bring together the disparate systems across their vast portfolio, their Senior Vice President of Global Real Estate and Vice President of Global Facilities worked together to roll out an enterprise facilities management system. They selected CBRE as the integrated facilities management vendor and BuildingOS as the enterprise energy management platform.


With 1200 facilities, consistent, accurate data collection couldn’t be taken for granted. McKesson’s team needed a platform to:

  • Integrate with McKesson’s existing systems
  • Integrate with new systems they add in the future as they expand their portfolio
  • Provide visibility across their portfolio as well as for each facility or business unit individually
  • Effectively engage both internal and external stakeholders


McKesson chose BuildingOS as their portfolio-wide energy management platform for several of its key features:

  • Easily accessible data for reporting and communicating across teams
  • Automated data collection into one central platform
  • Future-proof; integrations are frequently updated and added
  • Building performance management across their whole portfolio


McKesson is implementing the first phase of their integrated facilities management software plan. They are currently looking at 7% expected savings across their portfolio. The McKesson and CBRE teams are using BuildingOS to help inform high level decisions on investment priorities as well as day-to-day facility management decisions.

McKesson can view a portfolio-wide summary of McKesson’s sustainability metrics and track their progress using the public dashboard.

On the operations side BuildingOS automates McKesson’s data collection process, freeing up staff time to act on the new insights revealed. In one example, Chief Engineer Jason Cruser used hourly energy data to discover that the fans in their HQ building were operating on Saturdays. After correcting the unnecessary weekend fan schedule and slightly adjusting its weekday fan schedule, the building is on track to save more than $12,000 annually.

Ultimately, improving our building operations improves the value of McKesson’s portfolio. BuildingOS is a great tool to help us achieve this.

— Mike Huaco, SVP and Global Head of Real Estate

Future outlook

McKesson is rolling out their building energy management system plan with BuildingOS in multiple phases. In the current phase they are bringing in smartmeter and utility bill data across 200 buildings. Over the next series of phases, they plan to deploy and integrate fault detection, lighting controls, occupancy, and other performance data into the system so they can develop key custom KPIs for each of their business units.