6 things NYC is doing to be more energy efficient

August 3, 2017

New York City recently adopted six aggressive measures to help make the Big Apple much more energy efficient. New York is just one of a handful of cities working harder to cut emissions following the socio-political fallout from the Paris Climate Accord.

According to The Energy Collective, 70% of NYC greenhouse gas emissions come from heating and cooling buildings. Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to see emissions cut to 80% below 2005 levels by 2050, which prompted the city council to introduce six new bills to increase energy efficiency.

Here are the six bills:

  1. The mayor’s council must submit new recommendations for energy-efficient building codes to the city council. Pending approval of those recommendations from the city council, new buildings would have to adhere to these strict energy codes, as well as any building undergoing extensive renovation.
  2. Property owners have to disclose energy efficiency information for a building at the point of sale.
  3. An energy task force would be established to create a long term energy plan for the city, by 2019.
  4. The city needs to create a plan to encourage businesses to adopt solar energy
  5. A program within the city’s Building Department would speed up the retrofitting permit process to ensure green solutions are more quickly approved for construction
  6. Amendment of the city code regarding real-time monitoring of building energy usage and heat loss.

What can you do?

Building managers in other cities and states that don’t have similarly aggressive energy savings ordinances can - and should - embody the ideas presented by the NYC city council.

For example, you could propose the same building code updates to your city’s mayor, and pursue subsidies from the state government to offset the cost of energy savings technology.

The most immediate thing you can do, though, is to adopt some sort of building management solution that helps you save energy right from the get-go. Setting an example can be more powerful than trying to get legislation or city ordinances passed.

Immediate Subsidies in New York State

Whether or not the measures proposed by the NYC city council will make a noticeable difference has yet to be seen, since these policies have yet to be fully implemented. What’s most helpful for any business in the New York City area, though, is the 30% subsidy for using NYSERDA-approved vendors to manage energy efficiency. That sort of cost break is likely to spur widespread adoption of a variety of energy benchmarking and management solutions in the coming year.

We at Lucid are excited to partner with NYC in driving these changes. As we wrote earlier this year, Lucid is a qualified vendor of energy savings technology. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will hand out a 30% subsidy on the cost of implementing energy management services like Lucid.

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