AASHE 2018 Sustainability Awards showcase higher ed leaders

August 16, 2018

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) has announced the finalists for its annual Sustainability Awards. The awards recognize individuals and organizations leading the growth of sustainability awareness on higher education campuses.

Higher education institutions have long been leaders in the sustainability field. The high-impact projects, original research, and campus leadership AASHE is recognizing continues to set an outstanding example to other industries.

Lucid applauds all of the finalists for their part in inspiring greater work in sustainability. We’d like in particular to recognize our customers who, as finalists for the Sustainability Awards, have gone above and beyond in making the world a healthier through the following projects:

  • Bow Valley College has made significant progress toward its ambitious goal of 90% waste diversion by 2020.
  • American University achieved carbon neutrality two years ahead of its 2020 target, becoming the first university, first research university, and first urban higher education campus to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Stanford University's R&DE department launched a Student Living Laboratory to bring students and staff together to foster behavior change, reduce energy and water consumption and waste production in residences, and create long-term sustainable solutions to improve how the school operates.
  • Emory University’s WaterHub, an on-site water recycling system, is utilizing eco-engineering processes to clean waste water for future non-potable uses. The first of its kind to be installed in the United States, the WaterHub can recycle up to 400,000 gallons daily, nearly 40% of the campus’ total water needs.
  • Hampshire College’s new R.W. Kern Center is a 17,000-square-foot multi-purpose facility that generates its own energy; captures and treats its own water; and processes and recycles its waste. As a primary entry point to the campus the building engages prospective students and community members in conversations about sustainability.

Join Lucid in Pittsburgh on October 2 at the AASHE Conference & Expo opening ceremony, where the Sustainability Award winners will be recognized.