Customer Highlight: Georgetown launches annual energy competition

November 1, 2016

Georgetown launches annual competition to educate and engage students about conservation while improving campus operations

In many respects, higher education is ahead of other industries when it comes to embracing sustainability and setting carbon reduction goals. An increasing number of universities are adopting sustainability practices, teaching about conservation, and hiring staff in sustainability-focused roles. Georgetown University is no exception, and is leading the charge on many of these fronts. Georgetown is committed to addressing sustainability challenges at an organizational level in four core areas: research & education, campus operations, investments, and engagement. One of their annual initiatives, a campus-wide energy reduction challenge, recently kicked off and is helping meet these goals.

Georgetown’s 7th Annual Switch-It-Off Challenge started on October 17th. The month-long competition between the university’s residence halls encourages Georgetown students to use less energy and engage with the University’s commitment to sustainability. By saving energy through simple daily actions and taking the Switch It Off Pledge, students compete to win fun prizes for their halls while helping cut Georgetown’s carbon footprint.

““The Challenge does a great job at getting us to think about how much energy we really use every day and then encourages us to act on that information to reduce it,” says Eric Chen, Class of 2018. “As a community, we get to work together to come up with creative ideas to save energy and win the competition!”

The Switch-It-Off Challenge combines three of Georgetown’s four core focus areas - education, operations, and engagement - into an integrated initiative.

The Switch It Off Challenge is designed to support Georgetown's "quadruple bottom line" - people, planet, prosperity, and purpose - by engaging diverse stakeholders from across campus toward shared goals of energy conservation and emissions reduction.
- Audrey Stewart, Director, Office of Sustainability

The Challenge itself mirrors Lucid’s goals of bringing together stakeholders from across an organization. Students and faculty are engaged, the facilities team earns support for efficiency projects, and the finance team meets their goals for reduced spending on resources.

As part of their competition kick-off, Georgetown publicly unveiled their Lucid engagement tools - check out their live competition progress and other sustainability initiatives.

We’re proud to be working with Georgetown to help reduce their impact and make a difference in their community. Keep up the great work!