​Data collection is the future of property management

February 28, 2018

The recent acquisition of Lucid Design Group by Acuity Brands emphasizes how leading organizations have identified data collection as a critical part of future property management practice. Will Coleman, CEO of Lucid, spoke of this at a recent Bisnow commercial real estate industry event in San Francisco. He explained how building operators and tenants are asking big-picture questions and expecting their building information management systems to provide useful answers.

Connected devices and the ability to analyze vast sets of data cost-effectively enable companies to deliver business information where it’s needed, at every level. Data collection technology helps frontline operational teams as much as the C-suites, and other users, by providing information that is critical to each of their missions.

Connecting the dots to improve building performance

According to Coleman data collection is the future of resource management for commercial real estate owners and occupiers. Property managers can link energy consumption to other building metrics as never before.

“Figuring out how to connect the dots between the kinds of technologies we’re all deploying and monitoring and what the influences are on the things that matter to those guys is also the hardest and the biggest opportunity,” Coleman told Bisnow Media’s Julie Littman.

While the savings gained might be marginal in a private home, organizations that have campuses and facilities around the nation or across the world can use the data to increase energy efficiency, reduce water usage, and cut maintenance costs. Now property managers have the tools to measure precisely what those savings will be, down to the last light fixture.

Data collection is the key to efficiency and answers

The leadership of Acuity Brands understands that data collection has a central role the future of property management. Lighting systems that talk to centralized building management software applications and other building systems can provide evidence-based insights into every level of building operations and resource management.