Four strategies for navigating new complexities (Forrester Research part 4 of 4)

May 30, 2018

By Ralf VonSosen

When Facility Managers (FMs) monitor data from their lighting systems, or HVAC, or elevator, they’re watching one small piece of a larger puzzle. Internet of Things (IoT) enabled building solutions harness all of that data to help FMs understand the larger impact of even small changes.

This is where IoT solutions can get complicated.

In a recent webinar on IoT building solutions, Forrester analyst Michele Pelino highlighted some of the complexities emerging as FMs and their partners work to navigate this web of data and coordinate complex IoT initiatives.

Watch Forrester’s Michele Pelino address this topic:

Here are four tips to help navigate new complexities.

Organize your data points. Smart building applications capture and consolidate information from many different point solutions, ranging from HVAC controllers to lighting to smart grid solutions. All of this data can prove useful, but navigating thousands of pieces of data can be overwhelming. Consider investing in different gateways or working with someone able to bring that data together in one place.

Remember, garbage in, garbage out. Think about environment instability as you install and create plans to maintain sensors, as well as when troubleshooting data irregularities. Some of the data will likely come from equipment exposed to the elements or extreme temperatures.

Train employees to get to know the data. Employees will not only need to learn how to manage and operate new data-driven systems, but also to see these systems as a productivity booster rather than a job threat. Smart building solutions will impact how FM teams prioritize work, distribute manpower and manage what they do.

Master the art of collaboration. Smart buildings provide data that everyone can use to drive shared goals. Real estate stakeholders from the Facilities Department to HR and IT all need to understand what systems are being deployed and the potential impact on business goals. Collaboration needs to happen early in the deployment. Only by understanding what insight is needed, can you determine what data to gather. Reaching across silos early in the deployment process will drive the greatest value of IoT system investments.

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