Intel and Lucid showcase innovation at IBcon & Realcomm

June 23, 2016

By Abby Karp

Lucid's Data Platform and Intel IoT Solutions Transforming Smart Buildings

Americans spend 90% of their time in buildings, which consume more than 70% of our nation's electricity. There is huge potential for energy savings in many of these buildings, but much of their useful data is inaccessible. Legacy equipment in older buildings tends to operate in a vacuum, unconnected to other devices or systems. Instead of replacing these systems at a high cost, the right combination of hardware devices and software systems can connect them to the internet and bring their data to life.

Intel has developed a new product, Intel® Building Management Platform (Intel® BMP), to help bridge this gap. They recently demoed their product at IBcon/Realcomm, showing how it can connect to a broad set of building systems and sensors, and filter and securely transfer their data to the cloud (or on-premise servers), handling the protocol translations needed in between.

Intel® BMP
Intel® BMP

In such a vastly complicated marketplace, the growing role of IoT means no single organization can make much of a dent on its own. Lucid demonstrated how BuildingOS can easily acquire data and securely manage devices. BuildingOS can integrate its platform layer on top of Intel BMP to create an end-to-end platform for SaaS applications hosted on a choice of cloud environments, including on-premise.

Lucid's BuildingOS
Lucid's BuildingOS

Our 3 key takeaways from the event:

  1. There are an abundance of companies who work in building management niches, focusing only on data collection, data aggregation, or data sharing
  2. Large companies are expanding their investments in IoT
  3. Strategic partnerships can ensure valuable, consistent data is being brought to the marketplace

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Abby Karp

Abby joined Lucid’s marketing team in 2014 after conducting research on the decision-making processes of environmental behavior. Abby graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Environmental Studies and Conservation Psychology.