Introducing Building Blocks

August 20, 2014

By Gavin Platt

Imagine if you could place real-time energy and water use information directly into your organization’s homepage, sustainability portal, company blog, and digital signage. Today we have a solution for this called “Building Blocks.”

Building Blocks are all about increasing the number of eyes on your data and making it easier to view in locations that people at your organization frequently visit. Blocks will size to fit nearly any dimension on your site, so you can place them anywhere.

What Blocks are available?

We have three exciting Building Blocks available now: Competitions, Trends, and Gauge.

Competitions shows a leaderboard of participants during reduction competitions that you host using Lucid’s BuildingOS and Building Dashboard. Trends shows real-time energy and water use information for your building, and gives users control over which time periods to display. Finally, the Gauge shows an odometer readout, whether it’s gallons of water consumed this week or solar PV production so far today.

How do you create a Block?

It’s easy. Log into BuildingOS and select Occupant Engagement, then Building Blocks. To create a new block, just select a competition or a facility and meter. Blocks are ultra-customizable — you can turn elements of a Block on or off and change the color and appearance to suit your needs. When you’re ready, copy and paste the embed code into your website.

What do some of these Blocks look like?

Let’s show you an example of Trends using real-time data from Lucid’s Headquarters. The Building Block below shows electricity use in our offices today. It’s simple — a title, an interactive graph, and a menu to control the time period. We’ve made the background white to match this page. Go ahead and click on “compared to: yesterday.”

Now check out this Block — it’s the same as the one above, except we’ve customized a few options. We’ve added a color-changing orb around the building photo to show how we’re doing right now compared to typical performance at this time of day and week. We’ve changed the default time period to “this month” and added an odometer readout at the bottom. Finally, we’ve changed the color scheme. Voila!

Log into BuildingOS to get started, or request a demo from a Lucid representative.

Gavin Platt

Gavin, Lucid’s VP of Design and cofounder, is responsible for Lucid’s design-centric approach, from product development to marketing. His work has been widely featured in leading design, green building, and technology publications, including The New York Times, Make Magazine, and Wired. Gavin has spent 17 years designing interactive web experiences, including novel UIs for visualizing real-time performance of the acclaimed Adam Joseph Lewis Center. A recipient of the Adobe MAX Award and International Green Award, Gavin holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College.