Small investments in efficiency can make a big difference in 2017

January 3, 2017

By Ralf VonSosen

Happy New Year! As the parties end and businesses get back to work, there is a lot of renewed focus on energy efficiency and cost savings. With record storms in the North East, record cold in California, the arctic cold that hits the plain states, or torrential rainfall in the South—it seems everyone wants to save on energy and heating costs. If that weren’t enough, facilities managers are also dealing with new regulations that will be implemented across the U.S. this year, that make conservation and savings a key focus.

For example, California’s new SB 32 law requires cities, and the businesses that operate within them, to reduce carbon emissions to below 1990 levels. Regional or municipal programs are being enhanced or implemented this year. Programs in small towns and big cities alike require businesses, schools and municipal governments to reduce. New York’s NYSERDA, San Francisco’s building Efficiency Policy or Atlanta’s Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance are examples of how municipal governments are encouraging conservation and savings. The majority of U.S. cities now have ordinances in place designed to promote efficiency. Many of these programs offer financial assistance or rebates to organizations that start new conservation programs in 2017.

Lucid is tracking the trends, and has made it easier than ever before to get control of your utility costs by understanding and democratizing data. With easy to read visual representations of energy use, facilities managers can pinpoint waste and immediately improve performance. Beautiful dashboards make it easy to display conservation goals, and track progress so that occupants become engaged and active in conservation.

Facilities managers can begin to gain control of their building data with Lucid for as little as $20 per building per month. Solutions range from simple ingestion of utility data to rich analytics and reporting.

As the New Year begins, we wish you efficiency, savings and satisfaction as you explore new ways to conserve energy and reduce waste. We have a variety of webinars, demonstrations, and downloadable guides to help you get started--and we have some very exciting enhancements coming to the platform this spring. It’s going to be an exciting 2017!

Ralf VonSosen

As Lucid’s VP of Marketing, Ralf VonSosen leads product marketing, demand generation, branding, and communication activities. With almost 20 years in the technology space, Ralf brings leadership experience from small startups, as well as large companies such as SAP and LinkedIn. He was instrumental in establishing the energy/utilities vertical at Siebel/Oracle CRM, and most recently was a founding member of LinkedIn’s sales solutions business unit. Ralf holds a B.S. in Finance from Brigham Young University, and a MBA from the University of Utah.