Don’t miss the big wave of IoT in lighting

March 8, 2018

By Ralf VonSosen

If you are investing in lighting, but not yet extending that into a broader IoT investment strategy, take a step back and pause. Recent developments in both lighting and IoT mean the timing is perfect to consider a strategic investment that embraces a multitude of new technologies. Lighting and IoT are coming together right now to unleash a wave of innovation and improved performance that will change the way property assets are managed.

IoT redefines lights as we know it

Like many technologies, the age of digital connectivity has revitalized lighting. Exterior and interior lighting systems have evolved from simple, wired light bulbs into sophisticated fixtures that have more computing capacity available than the first mainframe computers.

IoT has added dimensions that go far beyond merely illuminating dark rooms, and that growth did not happen at random. The transformation occurred in stages as the technology advanced, making new features possible.

The light switch has been a metaphor of simplicity; switch off, or switch on. The technology has moved on, first through a series of analog advancements, then to intelligent lighting solutions, and now lighting technology is changing again to become networks of sensor platforms connected to the cloud, delivering data in real time.

Lighting fixtures already have power and a wide distribution in buildings, which is ideal to capture data about local environments and activities. Once lighting is the platform the choice of sensors and network connection allows building managers to collect data on a larger scale than ever before.

Acuity leads in IoT for lighting market

According Energy Manager Today, Navigant Research reported that the demand for IoT lighting solutions is now expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2026 (from only $650 million in 2017). Research by Navigant shows that Acuity Brands is already among the top three leaders in IoT for the lighting market. However, there are numerous competitors in the sector, so no company can afford to rest. Acuity is investing to push the technology further and working to integrate it more closely with information management technology.

With the acquisition of Lucid, Acuity Brands is better positioned than ever to play a leading role in that marketplace. Acuity Brands provide the lighting and now, through Lucid’s BuildingOS platform, the software to support property management decision-making as well. Lucid provides an IoT connected platform for building systems and assets to distribute and process building data for managers and executives at every level of property management.

Lucid marries IoT and building operations data

Acuity Brands continues to refine the strategy and improve the range of products and solutions that the group offers. The addition of Lucid Design Group to Acuity Brands adds building management software to its stable of lighting, controls, and IoT.

Acuity is preeminent in the lighting and smart buildings industry. Lucid supplements the Acuity’s portfolio with tools and insights for building professionals. Together, they have an unparalleled opportunity to maximize the performance of connected buildings.

Read the Acuity/Lucid acquisition press release

Ralf VonSosen

As Lucid’s VP of Marketing, Ralf VonSosen leads product marketing, demand generation, branding, and communication activities. With almost 20 years in the technology space, Ralf brings leadership experience from small startups, as well as large companies such as SAP and LinkedIn. He was instrumental in establishing the energy/utilities vertical at Siebel/Oracle CRM, and most recently was a founding member of LinkedIn’s sales solutions business unit. Ralf holds a B.S. in Finance from Brigham Young University, and a MBA from the University of Utah.