Sustainability Hero: Julia Person brings energy efficiency to craft brewing

June 19, 2018

Energy, Sustainability, and Facility Heroes are the people who work tirelessly each day to help curb energy use to reduce carbon impact on the environment and increase their organization's savings. In this series, we highlight different Heroes to both inspire you and impart useful best practices. We interviewed Julia Person from Craft Brew Alliance to learn more about her role and sustainability initiatives.

1. Who are you?

I’ve been the Sustainability Manager at Craft Brew Alliance for 4.5 years. I love helping our delicious beer be made in a more sustainable manner.

2. What's your inspiration? How did you get here?

I previously received a masters in urban planning at Portland State University, where I worked in the sustainability office. From doing waste sorts to certifying the first LEED greenhouses, I saw that I could make a career around sustainability and have the amazing opportunity of working on something I am passionate about. The city of Portland has two great loves – the environment and craft beer – so it’s a natural fit to work at the intersection of the two.

3. Describe your role and responsibilities at your organization.

Brewing is an energy and water intensive industry, so I work to find energy and water savings investments. I am also lead our Local Giving role in the community, help our brewpubs conserve resources, and communicate to employees and the public. I work across all areas of our company, from Operations to Marketing, to make sure we are as efficient as possible.

4. What's a tangible impact you've seen from your work?

Our breweries are decreasing their carbon intensity, which we track as carbon emission per barrel of beer produced. We have set a target reduction of 10% in our pursuit of world class craft. Through investments in renewable energy, closed-loop systems, and energy intensity, we are improving our operations and efficiency.

5. How has Lucid or BuildingOS helped you achieve your goals?

BuildingOS allows our breweries to access real-time tracking of our key performance indicators to help us track towards our business goals and sustainability targets. Visibility is key!

Julia Person - Sustainability Extraordinaire
Julia Person - Sustainability Extraordinaire