Webinar Write Up - How to run an effective resource reduction competition

September 7, 2017

Three experts from leading sustainability organizations – Gonzaga University, Whole Foods, and Frisco ISD – joined our team here at Lucid to discuss the most effective ways to execute a resource reduction competition. The experts in this webinar were:

  • Ralf VonSosen: CMO at Lucid
  • Abigail Karp: Customer Marketing Manager at Lucid
  • Tristam Coffin: Director of Sustainability and Facilities at Whole Foods
  • Jim Simon: Director of Sustainability at Gonzaga University
  • George Radtke: Director of Energy Management at Frisco ISD

If you are looking for ways to engage building occupants in sustainability efforts, this webinar will show you engagement tactics and best practices that have saved these experts thousands of dollars. Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

How to plan a resource reduction competition

Abigail Karp reviewed what a successful competition looks like and discussed in depth these 5 steps for planning an effective one of your own.

  1. Form a competition organizing team
  2. Determine competition structure and design
  3. Identify and set up competition data
  4. Develop engagement plan
  5. Compete to reduce

Ways to make a competition successful

Energy reduction competitions are proving successful across the country in grocery stores, college campuses, city governments, and more. Learning how to run one in your industry takes some creative thinking. Our experts explained what they did to make their competitions effective in each of their industries.

“We divided all our schools into seven teams and had cash prizes for the winning schools. At the end of our competition, we saved $543,588. And anything we’re not spending on utilities goes back directly to benefit the students. And that’s the big thing here in Frisco. It’s important to be wise stewards of the taxpayers’ money and put it back where it will benefit the students.”

— George Radtke, Frisco ISD

Tristam Coffin understood the need to change behavior at a grassroots level in their stores if he was going to see the success needed from his energy competition.

“We’ve learned that behavioral change can play a very important role in energy reduction goals. We can hit targets with new technology and upgrades, but it’s really important that the employees are engaged in those energy conservation measures because we can drive an additional 5-10% energy savings when we look at behavioral change.”

— Tristam Coffin, Whole Foods

Examples of custom techniques

Our webinar guests shared details on how they used BuildingOS to tailor successful competitions to their unique organization.

“It’s been great to use BuildingOS, specifically last year in our work with Campus Conservation Nationals. When we thought about how to build excitement and engagement for the energy reduction competition, we thought, ‘Where will we get the attention of a lot of people?’ So we thought of Gonzaga basketball games. We built our occupant engagement using the easily combustible resource of Gonzaga’s culture. In 3 weeks we saved over $20,000.”

— Jim Simon, Gonzaga University

For anyone looking to find new and innovative ways to jumpstart sustainability and conservation within your organization, this webinar is a great resource from which to start. Watch it here to see what else our experts said about how to put together a successful competition.