2017 Building Intelligence Predictions

December 14, 2016

Building Intelligence to accelerate savings, equity growth, occupant satisfaction and the arrival of smart, connected cities in 2017.

This year, millions of dollars and kilowatt hours will have been consumed in commercial buildings and campuses. Approximately 30% of that will have been wasted. Why? Building owners and managers are drowning in a sea of data - but lack the insights they need to make informed decisions and optimize building performance. Commercial building owners and operators are poised to make 2017 the year of building intelligence.

  • Owners and operators will use building intelligence and data to improve resource use
  • Owners and operators that utilize building intelligence will improve net operating incomes and asset values, and will recognize benefits in 2017
  • New standards for "building health" will result in new regulations and greater compliance burden that can be simplified via building intelligence
  • Smart cities initiatives will make real-time data, analytics and monitoring an imperative for progressive owners, operators, and occupants in 2017

Watch this podcast to learn how you can lead the way in building intelligence in 2017!