Smash Operating Costs: 3 Energy Cost Drivers

November 17, 2016

Building Management Rockstar Series (Part 1 of 4) - Sign up for the series here!

With growing scrutiny on operations and maintenance budget's, it’s crucial to understand levers you can pull to control energy costs and impact overall operation expenses.

This webinar covers how to identify where you are wasting energy, what is driving up your energy bill, and tactics you can employ to control overall consumption and cost. We'll discuss tactics customers are using to:

  • Identify peak demand costs and develop a strategy to manage those costs
  • Uncover scheduling errors costing you thousands of dollars
  • Get visibility into buildings drifting from baseline performance

Presented by:

Susie McMullan, Senior Customer Project Manager, Lucid
Phil Pinson, Senior Sales Engineer, Lucid
Ralf VonSosen, Vice President Marketing, Lucid

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