Welcome to the Modern Energy Management podcast, a place for sustainability, energy, and facility innovators to tell their stories and share energy best practices that go beyond the meter

Modern energy managers harness the power of building data to improve resource efficiency, enhance employee well-being, increase operational efficiency, and to create a culture of sustainability at their organization. Tune in each week as we share Modern Energy Management stories from industry leaders who are blazing the trail.

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The four pillars of Modern Energy Management

  • Resource Efficiency

    Resource Efficiency

    Improving building performance by reducing energy and resource consumption through greater clarity, access, and insights into building and energy data.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Operational Efficiency

    Using data to plan, measure, and validate strategies and initiatives designed to decrease costs and increase building production and performance.

  • Occupant Wellbeing

    Occupant Wellbeing

    Creating a comfortable and sustainable environment for occupants with clear, easy to understand updates on how the built environment is trending towards energy conservation measures.

  • Sustainable Initiatives

    Sustainable Initiatives

    Ensuring the longevity of the natural environment through long term, consciousness corporate initiatives designed to decrease the built environment’s impact on natural and limited resources.

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