Technology Partners

BuildingOS offers technology partners an open platform to elevate their products to a new level in addressing strategic needs for customers. Lucid collaborates closely with partners to integrate not only their technology, but also their solution into a robust joint offering. Together we can deliver the world's most connected and optimized buildings.

World-Class Integration Technology

By integrating your systems, hardware, and data sources into BuildingOS, customers will be able to access your building intelligence solutions in new and exciting ways.

  • Bring your solutions to new users
  • Leverage BuildingOS to create new value
  • Use our proven and powerful APIs
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Building Integration Technology
BuildingOS Certification

BuildingOS Certification Program

We want you to succeed. Lucid provides a proven program for partners to certify their building technology integrations with and knowledge of BuildingOS.

  • Training on the BuildingOS platform
  • Access to our flexible APIs
  • Proven integration best practices and onboarding tools
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“Supporting BuildingOS-ready communications simplifies installation and has accelerated new sales opportunities in commercial buildings.”

Lucid's technology partner network includes industry leaders such as

Lucid's technology partner network includes industry leaders such as