Technology Partners

BuildingOS offers technology partners the power of a robust ecosystem in which hardware products are elevated and better connected to building operators. Through our open platform, BuildingOS users have visibility into all integrated technology and can choose a best-of-breed approach for analyzing and optimizing their buildings.

  • Focus on What You Do Best

    Whether you are a hardware or software provider, Lucid helps reduce development costs and shorten customer onboarding times by eliminating the need to figure out how to connect to your customers' buildings.

  • Immediate Scale & Customer Access

    As an integrated technology within BuildingOS, our customers gain immediate awareness of your products to help them monitor, reduce, and analyze resource use and building efficiencies.

  • Better Engage Customers

    BuildingOS focuses on usability, so that the broadest range of customers — regardless of technical expertise or energy knowledge — can easily gain actionable, real-time insights that will foster collaboration and results.