BuildingOS makes it easier for owners and operators to collect and use the data they have across their portfolio to uncover performance improvements, reduce costs and reporting burdens, improve occupant satisfaction, and transform the way they manage buildings.

Resource Optimization

Centralize data into one source-of-truth across your utilities and buildings portfolio.

  • Use real-time data to drive action and realize ongoing savings.
  • Reduce inefficiencies such as peak demand and portfolio drift.
  • Eliminate surprises with trend monitoring and alerts.

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Compliance Reporting

Simplify the cumbersome compliance process by integrating with Energy Star Portfolio Manager and automated two-way reporting.

  • Automate compliance reporting to Energy Star.
  • Know where your buildings stand and track progress.
  • Make your progress public and easily share your data.

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Occupant Engagement

Engage and empower your occupants to become active participants in energy management initiatives.

  • Tell your sustainability story and keep people informed.
  • Host energy and water use reduction competitions.
  • Engage your entire community with real-time data.

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Finance & Planning

Create accurate budgets and forecasts based on real-time data to make better, data-driven capital planning decisions.

  • Predict energy costs and increase visibility.
  • Measure and verify the return on efficiency projects.
  • Automate, centralize, and validate utility billing.

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Portfolio Management

Leverage unified operating data to reduce the cost and complexity of tenant management, and create a better tenant experience.

  • Access real-time insights into your tenants and properties.
  • Manage cost allocations, and customize rates and terms.
  • Simplify bill reconciliation and verification.

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