Compliance Reporting

Reporting burdens are growing. Streamline the reporting process with easy data gathering tools, automated capture from ESPM, and one-click distribution of data.

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Automate compliance reporting

  • Connect your Energy Star account and never have to log in to Energy Star Portfolio Manager again.
  • Ensure compliance with ordinances by automatically pushing your utility bill and sub-metered data to ESPM.
  • Aggregate and format information for GRESB reporting.

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Know where your buildings stand

  • Leverage comprehensive dashboards across all resources and buildings within your portfolio.
  • Track progress across your portfolio with Energy Star scores and associated EUIs. Drill down into score history.
  • Eliminate surprises by setting a variety of alerts on consumption trend exceptions.

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Make your progress public

  • Aggregate and format data across your portfolio for easy sharing inside and outside your organization.
  • Display building scorecards with Energy Star reports in any website, digital signage, or other third-party destination.
  • Convert your results easily into carbon emissions to show performance against GHG goals.

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<p>— Craig Wright, Energy Manager, Aurora Public Schools</p>

Last semester we saved $30,000 in 4 months. This semester I wouldn’t be surprised if we tripled those savings.

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