Complete visibility into your building portfolio

Our building data platform and intuitive dashboards make it simple to access the data that matters to you.

Centralize all your data into one complete picture

  • Over 180 pre-built integrations to data sources allow you to capture data across your entire portfolio.
  • Advanced data engines normalize, organize, and display data, giving you confidence in the quality of the information.
  • Flexible user interfaces highlight patterns and anomalies for analysis by a wide variety of end users.

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Visualize with charts, graphs, and reports

  • Bring data to life with interactive and intuitive visualizations that provide value to anyone in the organization.
  • A growing library of pre-built charts, graphs, and reports displays critical performance information.
  • Create your own dashboards using our simple drag-and-drop tools to analyze and share your data in unique ways.

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Organize your data for analysis and reporting

  • Automate and centralize utility bill data collection directly from your utility. No more spreadsheets.
  • Visualize trends over time, understand what is driving your costs, and verify the accuracy of your monthly bills.
  • Simplify utility reporting and distribute reports across departments with shared dashboards and automated email delivery.
  • Automate compliance reporting to Energy Star to save time and ensure the quality and completeness of the reported data.

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<p>— Mike Huaco, SVP & Global Head of Real Estate, McKesson

“Ultimately, improving our building operations improves the value of McKesson’s portfolio. BuildingOS is a great tool to help us achieve this.”

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