Finance & Planning

Harness dynamic building data to create more accurate forecasts, budget and plan effectively, evaluate energy costs, and inform capital decisions.

Budgeting and forecasting

  • Eliminate the guesswork with a sophisticated algorithm that does the complex math required to give you accurate data.
  • Predict your energy costs at any point of the month or year using historical performance and a forecasting engine.
  • Increase visibility across departments and throughout the C-suite with automated reporting and intuitive data visualizations.

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Measurement and verification to track performance

  • Simplify measurement and verification of the return on efficiency projects with just a few simple inputs.
  • Make a compelling business case with detailed ROI figures and ongoing tracking of those projects over time.
  • Trust the data from an award-winning M&V algorithm, developed by leading data scientists and lauded by industry experts for its accuracy.

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Utility bill management

  • Automate and centralize utility bill data collection directly from your utility. No spreadsheets.
  • Visualize trends over time, understand what is driving your costs, and verify the accuracy of your monthly bills.
  • Simplify utility reporting and distribute reports across departments with shared dashboards and automated email delivery.

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<p>— Jacob Cain, Director of Operations, Weber State University

BuildingOS allows us to identify good energy projects, verify those projects, and then maintain those projects. From our baseline this year, we’re on track to save $1.6 million out of a roughly $5 million budget.

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