Energy Analytics

Leverage the real-time data available in your buildings to uncover unnecessary resource costs, identify performance issues, and improve building efficiency.

Building energy heat map

One source-of-truth across your utilities and portfolio

  • Centralize real-time data streams across utilities, sensors, and other systems into one unified picture.
  • Leverage pre-built reports and graphs, or build your own to see exactly what you need.
  • Share your reports and insights easily with others through shared dashboards, scheduled emails, and exports.

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Reduce inefficiencies such as peak demand and portfolio drift

  • Minimize peak demand charges by staying on top of load profile and trending analysis to eliminate offending events.
  • Identify scheduling inefficiencies with heat maps, or negative trends with drift maps, created with real-time data.
  • Dig deep into the performance of a single building, or across your aggregated portfolio.

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Eliminate surprises with trend monitoring and alerts

  • Monitor for resource utilization exceptions with easy-to-read trending charts.
  • Set alerts on a wide variety of thresholds across all buildings and resources.

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<p>— Justin Owen, Energy Manager, Weber State University

BuildingOS gives us a bird’s-eye view of all expenses so we can optimize for efficiency and savings. In our first year, we were able to save $1.8 million in energy costs. For example, we use the Heat Map to fine-tune energy usage and meet our savings goal.

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